One More Yarn

I finished the ‘virus’ blanket and it came out to be around 72 inches corner to corner and 51 wide.

I know I said I wouldn’t use vintage yarn again, but I had an idea that could use up my grandmothers old stuff pretty quick and although I wouldn’t feel it’s suitable for my shop, it would be a good gift.  So, I plan on making three blankets like this for my sister, brother, and cousin since I’m using all Grandma Dale’s yarn.


I also decided to double up on skeins to go through all the white faster, which may be slightly troublesome as I try to use up the rest of the Cinnamon but I will try to work it into the pattern.  I do like how it makes the same pattern bigger with not a lot of effort.


Vintage Yarns

I started making another virus throw using my grandmothers old yarn but, I think the rest of it may need to be given back to my mom or stored/given away.  It’s rather stiff and brittle to the point that the fibers are separating from each other.  I’m concerned it will totally lose shape in the wash (even in a wash bag!) like my sweater attempt. So I think this will be my last vintage yarn project.


Speaking of, I tried making a granny square sweater for my mom, but I unwisely chose to use vintage yarn which, after being soaked in cold water and hand washed, stretched out dreadfully and in some cases, broke. So that was a complete waste of time.



Finished a Virus throw

This pattern was easier than I thought and since it goes around and around like a granny square, I liked it a lot and it was really quick to make.

This took two skeins of Caron Big Cakes and came out to 40×40.  I have a feeling I’m going to use up a lot of my grandmothers yarn on this pattern since it comes out so pretty and as I said, is pretty easy all things considered.

Finished the Romantic Boho sweater coat!

I finished this two days before xmas which was good because I needed it for xmas eve to give to my mom.  Overall I’m happy with how it came out, but as I mentioned before I would not use the Unforgettable yarn for the squares again.  Besides the previously mentioned problems, the squares tended to stretch out a significant amount especially at the corners.  I ordered some ‘stripes’ yarn from Caron Simply Soft in Rose Garden and Plum Wine and I’m going to make one of these for myself. Someone on reddit also recommended Lion Brand Shawl in a Ball or Landscapes for similar color changes but in actual worsted (4) weight.  If I make a third I may do that.


That being said, I love how ‘virus’ shawls look and apparently it can be adapted to blankets.  I am going to use all the Caron Big Cakes in Nightberry that I bought to make a virus blanket, while I also work on new bathroom mats using repeated front post DC.

Red Heart Unforgettable

I like how this romantic boho sweater is coming out, but when I make one for myself I think I will do it entirely in Caron Simply Soft or another yarn.  Red Heart Unforgettable is amazingly beautiful with nice color striping and complimentary colors but it has equal downsides.


For one thing, it sheds.



It is also rated as a “4” (medium) but after going through about 6 skeins already, I’d guess that less than 1% of the skeins are even close to that.  THIS is roughly a “4” on the hook



but most of it feels like a 2



I have to crochet considerably slower because it can just pull apart like it’s roving and snarls against itself if it as much as looks at rubbing up against itself.  Frogging it also out of the question because of that.  .  I actually wrote Red Heart and asked them to rerate their danged yarn since it’s so terribly inconsistent but their reply was basically “well sometimes it’s a 4 so we rated it as a 4”.  Yeah ok.  The Sweet Roll yarn had the same problem of sometimes going down to a 2 but it generally stayed closer to a 3 90% of the time.