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The last of the failed orange hat

Well I sold the hat I made with the Red Heart Ombre Cocoa that didn’t turn out to work with that orange hat I wanted to duplicate.  I used up the rest of the Red Heart Print Newspaper for this hat and I admit it came out nicer than I figured it would.  I used odds and ends of white I had held double strand with the Newspaper.




I’m tempted to add little red accents though, like blood drops.  You know, not literally ones but maybe those gemstone teardrop beads, but red ones!  I have some slightly greenish ones I might use for a sea hat though.

Lotus Flower… thingy?


Someone on reddit did a flower like this and I followed the youtube videos and I like it a lot.  It came out REALLY nice.  I’m not sure what to call it though, the video name was really bland for such a pretty pattern.  I’m also not sure what to do with it.  On reddit they said just leave it like this but what good would that be? It’s not a blanket, hat, or other wearable.  This was with Lion Brand Mandala Baby Mermaid, and I really, really like the colors.  I ended up doing a freehand row of green since that was next in line on the skein.  If this had been a 4 yarn I would continue as a blanket.  But, I am REALLY tempted to get a 4 yarn in these colors and make this again as a throw.  The problem is the later rows don’t expand enough to make the petals lay flat.  They kind of perk up a bit which is ok but you’ll see starting with the blue row in particular, you aren’t increasing the petals, it’s just offsetting it.  So you’d need a row here and there like the crocodile stitch mermaid tail to increase it out.  Now that I get the overall pattern I could totally do that.





I wouldn’t literally make an entire blanket like this, I would do about this same amount of rows in a 4 or 5 yarn and then square it off in a solid color like green with a somewhat simple stitch.

Making Donations Proud, Hopefully

My mom picked up this neat yarn from a garage sale or Goodwill or something, and it made me a little sad because it had a note on it and clearly no one ever used it.  But I did!


The note reads:


Donna, this is wool from Ireland.  It needs to be washed by band, otherwise is will felt.  Enjoy!


Witch Hats

The Twisted Witch Hat pattern I purchased has been one of my favorites.  Using Lion Brand Wool-ease Thick and Quick is my favorite, especially the black yarn versions that have a color running through it like Toasted Almond:


City Lights:

and Blackstone:


I even got creative with some random skeins I bought for other things and made a “Radagast the Brown” inspired tree/birdie hat:


and a pumpkin hat!



Doing all of these brought me to a few conclusions.  The child size with a super bulky or bulky yarn (5 or 6) comes out perfect, but I think it would be slightly better to drop the very last ridge row.  I feel the hat is too tall otherwise.

Also with the adult size, 70 is really just too big.  I tested this previously making winter hats and in my experience with a 5-6 yarn, a chain of 65 is perfect.  Not too snug.  The adult version of the twisted witch hat is 70 which makes it far too loose and if you add those last ridge rows, it means the hat will be falling into your eyes.  So if you keep the full kid version, 60 is snug enough that it will stay on the head at the right spot, OR if doing 65 or 70, definitely drop the last ridge row grouping and go right into the brim steps. Just my two cents.

Color Filters are Evil

Someone on reddit posted a bunch of witch hats she made and I was impressed with most of the colors.  The orange one in particular and there was a comment saying she used a burnt orange and Red Heart Super Saver Ombre in Cocoa.  I loved it so much I tried to duplicate it.  So, for the record this was the hat I wanted:


And I’m almost to the brim and this is what mine looks like:

I am not happy with it at all and will probably frog it.  She must have selectively cut the strands or something because Cocoa does not change from very light brown to very dark brown in just a few yards, or that wasn’t the yarn actually used.  Or, used a filter that made the colors look different.