Author: Amy

Making Donations Proud, Hopefully

My mom picked up this neat yarn from a garage sale or Goodwill or something, and it made me a little sad because it had a note on it and clearly no one ever used it.  But I did!


The note reads:


Donna, this is wool from Ireland.  It needs to be washed by band, otherwise is will felt.  Enjoy!


Witch Hats

The Twisted Witch Hat pattern I purchased has been one of my favorites.  Using Lion Brand Wool-ease Thick and Quick is my favorite, especially the black yarn versions that have a color running through it like Toasted Almond:


City Lights:

and Blackstone:


I even got creative with some random skeins I bought for other things and made a “Radagast the Brown” inspired tree/birdie hat:


and a pumpkin hat!



Doing all of these brought me to a few conclusions.  The child size with a super bulky or bulky yarn (5 or 6) comes out perfect, but I think it would be slightly better to drop the very last ridge row.  I feel the hat is too tall otherwise.

Also with the adult size, 70 is really just too big.  I tested this previously making winter hats and in my experience with a 5-6 yarn, a chain of 65 is perfect.  Not too snug.  The adult version of the twisted witch hat is 70 which makes it far too loose and if you add those last ridge rows, it means the hat will be falling into your eyes.  So if you keep the full kid version, 60 is snug enough that it will stay on the head at the right spot, OR if doing 65 or 70, definitely drop the last ridge row grouping and go right into the brim steps. Just my two cents.

Color Filters are Evil

Someone on reddit posted a bunch of witch hats she made and I was impressed with most of the colors.  The orange one in particular and there was a comment saying she used a burnt orange and Red Heart Super Saver Ombre in Cocoa.  I loved it so much I tried to duplicate it.  So, for the record this was the hat I wanted:


And I’m almost to the brim and this is what mine looks like:

I am not happy with it at all and will probably frog it.  She must have selectively cut the strands or something because Cocoa does not change from very light brown to very dark brown in just a few yards, or that wasn’t the yarn actually used.  Or, used a filter that made the colors look different.

Elekk Plushie FINALLY finished

I started this guy like over a year ago but got irritated with the horns and just did one.  I finally decided today to finish it up.  I sorta wish I had velvet yarn but hey! This was a first try.  This was the Gustav the Balancing Elephant pattern from Amour Fou but I dropped off the ears, tail, used pink buttons for eyes, and free-handed the horns and tusks. I made them curve by doing a row of 4 dc, then 4 hdc, then reverted back to SC decreased for the point. So one horn was chain 8, connected, about 7 rows of sc, 4 dc, 4 hdc, 1 row of sc, 1 row of sc decreases until it’s hard to do any more, than tie off. The tusks were the same thing but just a few less rows.




… I may move the tusks up a bit though.

First Thing in a While

I haven’t been crocheting for a bit now.  Two reasons, the biggest being I’m just out of yarn.  I mean I have some odds and ends like 1 skein or half a skein but as we all know, you can’t do a lot with that.  The other reason is, I don’t have anything I want to make.

That being said, I did finish another cocoon crocodile stitch project though.  I frogged a small virus blanket I was making with the Wishing Well Lion brand Mandala yarn and I made it into this instead.  I love this stitch, super cool.


The mandala looks good to a certain point but once your rounds get too big, it starts to look bad because the stripes of color don’t match up.  For example you might have the darker beige for two entire full rounds of virus loops, 1 entire round of light beige, but then only 90% of the white round completed in that color and only 50% of a round in the light blue.  As you continue on you end up using 1 entire color for just a single row and you get way too much striping.  If it’s a subtle fade like dark dark green to light light green, that’s fine.  But not when it’s a soft fade to 3 entirely separate colors.



Here is the finished version! In my shop now!