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Frogging Stuff

I learned, just recently that when you rip out stitches on something it’s called frogging. The reason being that you “rip it, rip it” which is like ribbit.

Anyway people are always shocked when I have to frog an entire thing. I made the mandala pattern from Yarnutopia but, it simply ended up being far too long and heavy.

Even though I followed directions and, wasn’t even done yet, it was already touching the floor with so much weight on the border that it pulled the center star too far.  I didn’t see anyway of salvaging it so I ripped the entire thing and made another item.

I may have to do that with the baby blanket I made, I’m not really happy with another term I learned which is “pooling”.  Apparently that means using the natural color change in striped/ombre yarn to make a pattern.  There was no good way to do it with the granny stitch I was using.  It looks “ok” but not perfect.



I also screwed up making a mobius shawl in the sage green I bought, people I kept adding a single crochet between each double for some reason, which made it ruffle and double the stitches each time.  That is going to have to be frogged.

Queen Ellie on my Yarn

As it turns out, my mom had absolutely boxes and boxes of yarn from my grandmother, who use to crochet quite a bit.  I was given two of the boxes, which my cat Ellie has decided is her new perch.  More yarn gifted from my mother-in-yarn, waits in the closet.