Fancy Granny Squares

I can’t seem to make up my mind which project I want to finish to completion.  I decided to make my dad a red blanket based on just a huge granny square, very basic but I like how it looks.  Well I ran out of red so I started to use tan, then said nah I have to have red.  Bought some red, then when I was at my moms for something else, she gave me another big case of yarn with some red.  Figures.



Then I am still working on the wave blanket that I wanted to do in retro colors.  I should have known better, but I figured I would do it in tan, cinnamon, green, then a lighter cream before going back to the tan.  I had 2 big old containers of yarn and it looked like I had enough of each.  But oops, no.  The first tan was just TAN, the second tan was BRIGHT tan.   The soft cream color was Chino tan and I had no more of that. I started to put a Tawny White to replace the Chino tan but, it’s not going to work.  I’m going to have to see if the Buff Red Heart will be a decent replacement, otherwise it’s off to the store to match it.  I really like how it’s coming out when the current colors so, that top row will be ripped out.


Speaking of ripping, I had been framing these cute flower granny squares in an off-white color.  But after I did a bunch in pink (4 to be exact), I did 2 in red.  Well red stands out good on white-ish but the pink looked far too faded.  So I ripped all the white off and working on redoing them all in a jade green.  And naturally the red, even though the same “4” weight as the pink, came out bigger than the pink flowers.  Same hook and everything.  The pink was the retro yarn and the red was not.  I’m working off a coat pattern by Yarnutopic which I’m hoping works out, it’s based off granny squares but I can’t quite decide if I should work some plain squares in or not.