What the hell, Michaels?

I don’t think I’ll be shopping at Michaels again.  I wanted to make a hooded sweatshirt based of Annoo’s patterns which uses Red Heart’s Unforgettable yarn and I picked the Tealberry color.  I was able to make 10 squares with 1 skein and it sells in sets of 3 on the site, so I bought 6 more.  It also called for Caron Simply Soft in Bone, but I have A LOT of white already. Simply Soft is really soft and shiny, I prefer to work with it on double strands which would clash with the delicate ‘unicorn hair’ unforgettable yarn. Then I dropped some Caron Big Cakes into the order because it was on sale and got free shipping. Plus it’s super pretty. Anyway.

The order was on Nov 2nd.  I got an email on the 7th that they were processing it.  Processing time on their website is 1-3 days. My order still just says “processing” with no tracking as of the 14th.

I chatted with their company and asked where my order was.  Uh, they don’t know, they put in a ticket to check.  That was on a Friday.  There was no update by Saturday so I called and asked where my order was.  Uh, they still don’t know.  It could be in the warehouse, it could be shipped, they have no idea. I asked what I was supposed to do and they said check back in a day or so.

Well on Monday it was still processing so I chatted again and asked for an update.  They still don’t have an update from the warehouse, and can’t tell me anything. That was on the 13th, so I went on their Facebook page which typically generates some kind of serious response and commented that I hadn’t received my order yet. No reply. Opened a direct message “oh sorry I’ll forward to our customer service team”

Still no update as of 11-14. If you don’t even know where the fuck an order is or what the status is, you don’t belong running a business.  I’m going to try out knitpix.com next time.