Torso Mannequin

Well it is now the 18th and the Michaels order still isn’t here.  They called me on the 16th to let me know it shipped, on the 15th.  So seriously, you order on the 2nd, and nearly 2 weeks later THEN it ships? Give me a fucking break.


At any rate, in the meantime I ordered a torso mannequin from Walmart to help me list some of my stuff on Etsy.  It’s so much easier to put something on SOMETHING body shaped and then take the picture, than try to put it on yourself, have someone else take the picture, and nitpick about it.


In my shop!


Etsy’s thumbnail system needs some work though.  You can only zoom IN on the picture, not out.  So I can only assume unless you made it at small dimensions, you just can’t get the whole thing in the thumbnail. I also lowered some prices, because I’m building up a number of things and it would be great to sell some.  I’ve read all about selling on there but, competition is a real thing.  I don’t just mean other sellers, but when you see ads for sites like Wish where they offer what looks like a 1,000 dress for like 9 dollars, THAT is what you have to worry about. I make 9 dollars in like 10 minutes of work, people making those are nowhere near that.  So, that is really the biggest problem.