Live and Learn

I’ve done a number of patterns from other people lately, but I find myself rewriting the steps to make it work better one way or another.  A good example was the gentleman’s scarf from Yarntopia.  I had followed the initial chain in the video without measuring it before doing a lot of work and what do you know, it was 10 feet and just way, WAY too long.  If I had also followed how many times to repeat the pattern, it would have been insanely wide as well.

Well I ran into this again with the cute romantic boho coat from Annoo.  I was using the Tealberry Unforgettable yarn and followed the directions to sew it all together with a bone color.  Only, Unforgettable is terribly thin and although Caron Simply Soft is rather thin as well, it’s uniform as opposed to Unforgettable which is about .5% a “4” yarn and 99.5% a 2.  So you know what happens if you are using a mostly dark thin yarn and using a light color to stitch if all together? This. I am going to use a dark yarn and try to repair that, but next time I will use a darker yarn to begin with or just the original yarn.