Finished the Romantic Boho sweater coat!

I finished this two days before xmas which was good because I needed it for xmas eve to give to my mom.  Overall I’m happy with how it came out, but as I mentioned before I would not use the Unforgettable yarn for the squares again.  Besides the previously mentioned problems, the squares tended to stretch out a significant amount especially at the corners.  I ordered some ‘stripes’ yarn from Caron Simply Soft in Rose Garden and Plum Wine and I’m going to make one of these for myself. Someone on reddit also recommended Lion Brand Shawl in a Ball or Landscapes for similar color changes but in actual worsted (4) weight.  If I make a third I may do that.


That being said, I love how ‘virus’ shawls look and apparently it can be adapted to blankets.  I am going to use all the Caron Big Cakes in Nightberry that I bought to make a virus blanket, while I also work on new bathroom mats using repeated front post DC.