Another blanket!

I decided to try to dump some of the massive amounts of white yarn I have by doubling up on the skeins on this next virus blanket.  This means I work with two at a time and hold two strands of yarn on the hook.  I still had a lot of the cinnamon yarn but not enough for a full 4 rows like with the blue blanket, so I decided to just do the cinnamon in the middle and on the row 4 repeat. It makes the blanket feel more sturdy this way as well. I think I may finish with a full section of cinnamon for the very last section, but I have to be careful that I don’t run out of it before finishing because I have no more of it after the next 2 skeins.



I like seeing an end in site so I’m going to do two more normal sections then hopefully end with a full brownish row for the border.