One for me, one for the store, one to give away

As I’ve been making things, I feel like I always have 3 items going.  I still have the stack of squares I wanted to make a sweater coat from, but the yarns stripes were so frequent it all ended up looking the same so I lost interest for the time being. I wanted to make it for myself but now I don’t know. The hood and about 24 squares are done but you need something like 52 squares total and I got tired of it.

I’ve also  been trying to burn through the yarn my mom gave me.  I don’t think it’s good enough quality yarn to put in the shop, because it’s rather rough and occasionally the strands are actually separating. That doesn’t seem like it’ll be terribly durable so I’m going to make a pile of blankets and then ask my relatives if they want one in my grandmothers honor.  I just finished this one.


I’m also working on a dress for myself but I wanted it ruffle-y and floor length and there’s no way I have enough of the black so, I dunno.