The Swirls


I think it’s obvious that I love the self-striping yarn.  Not so much the multicolor that changes every stitch, but the kind that gradually over long lengths changes subtly to another color. I picked up some Caron Cakes and Caron Tea Cakes (the bulky stuff) at Michaels on clearance, which ended up being 50% off.  That’s as good as it’s going to get for Caron Cakes of any kind I think. I loved the “Green Tea” color so I bought 2 at the store, then ordered 3 more online.  3 because,  they make you buy in sets of 3.  Then I bought 3 more in another color.


That being said, I may stop making blankets and try some little things like bags.  I made 2 out of the shimmer yarn and another with the rainbow yarn.  I’m just waiting on the cord to post those.  I did finish a bigger version of the blanket I gave my sister by frogging the entire blue scarf I had made.



The edge came out a little wavy though, I’m not sure my alternate stitch pattern can fix the opposite problem of an inward curl.  You can’t really expect yarn to lay perfectly flat and straight all the time with arches everywhere I suppose.