I picked up several skeins of Caron Tea Cakes, which is the bulky 6 yarn, and oh man I really like it.  I realize we’re heading into spring and bulky is really fall and winter but hey whatever.  I sometimes can’t figure out what works good with the self striping yarn though.  I made a throw with the regular Caron Big cakes in the virus pattern and I think it came out well, but a lot of times, many patterns just don’t work well with self color changes because it makes the design look uneven. This is ESPECIALLY a problem with the color change is not subtle, like that one Sweet Roll I had that went baby blue, lavender, WHITE.   It’s better when it’s one shade that gradually fades.

That being said I practiced a new star pattern before using my better yarn, and it came out really well.  I decided to start practicing stuff after finding out a lot of patterns people do on youtube are just not even remotely viable, either coming out way too big (Yarntopia tends to do this) or causes curl or something because the stitches were wrong for the row before. This is coming along nicely however.   It also beats holding two skeins constantly to get the thicker feel.