The Yarns

As I try different brands I’m figuring out which ones I like and which ones to avoid.  For instance, Caron is pretty solid in general.  Their Simply Soft line splits easily at times but is indeed super soft and the size is uniform.  They call it a 4 but I think it’s more like a 3, but steady at a 3. Their tea cakes, big cakes, cakes, are all true to size as far as I can tell but it’s self-striping as opposed to ombre.


Red Heart Unforgettable yarn is beautiful but annoying as hell to work with.  Labeled a 4 but feels like a 2 or 3, has no twist at all and hard to frog. It also falls apart like nothing.  I don’t want to ever use that again.

Sweet Roll is also self-striping but likes to go between a 4 and a 2 or 3 in small, hard little segments.  Color changes can be abrupt like a white into a light blue or a light pink into a dark purple. Not really keen on this one but it’s ok.

Red Heart is very very consistent and they have true ombre styles.  It’s considered to be ‘scratchy’ though.  I don’t really agree with that, after working with vintage yarns, Red Heart feels pretty decent to me.

Lion Brands.  I like the Vanna’s Choice but the skeins are pretty short at around 200 yards.  It has a slightly silky feel and very nice yarn definition though.  I think that’s all I’ve used from them so far but the yarn in general seems pretty solid, and they have Landscapes which is like the Unforgettable but an actual 4.  Haven’t worked with that yet though.  Shawl in a Ball seems pretty popular though.

Hmm.  I also got several balls of Impeccable, it’s alright.  A solid size 4 a tab more sturdy feeling than regular Red Heart Super Saver.

I think so far, Caron has been my favorite.  I would die for a Simply Soft Ombre.  They have multicolors but the colors change every stitch, a true long switching ombre would be bad ass.