More Scarves

I got back into the wave pattern that I made my first decent sized blanket with recently and finished another scarf.

I had to delay taking pictures for a while since the house was such a mess, and in the meantime I am almost done making another cocoon sweater.  I forgot just how long those take!  I’m going on 3 days.  After that I think I’m going to take a shot at the crochet tank tops that Annoo has a pattern for, which looks so cute.  It’s still super cold out here, cold enough to snow, so I can’t seem to push out of blankets, sweaters and scarves!


I also made a neck warmer for my regift present for the reddit scarves and hats secret santa.  It was delivered 2 days ago, along with a store bought hat, but as of yet, no thank-you.  My original giftee also never said thanks.  If it happens again I’m going to be super disappointed.