The last sweater for a while

I really love this pattern but I think this will be my last one for the season.  I’ve been trying  a bit of variations on existing patterns but it doesn’t always quite work out.


For instance, on this one I did a front post double crochet inside border.  it’s the same I used on the sweater coat I made my mom.  The only problem though, all front post crochet, since the stitches are layered on top of each other, it likes to curl up.  That wasn’t a problem on the coat because it was sewn to each other and therefore had a counter balance to lay flat, or it bordered some double crochet which also pulled it straight.  This one curls because it doesn’t have either of that.  It looks very nice but, I personally don’t like the curl.

I do like the ‘ribbed’ cuffs though.  That uses front and back posts alternating so it stays nice and straight.