Quality Control on Patterns

When I find a pattern I like, which right now is strictly Youtube patterns, I write down the steps for myself and save it in my One Note.  I love One Note. Anyway often times that includes corrections one way or another for the next time I do it.

The Spring Sun Mandala vest https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dhn0YlqTUfE

She’s using a 4 yarn and a 6 hook, but when I tried it with a 4 yarn and a 5.5 hook it came out WAY TOO BIG.  Like so big it was dragging on the ground before I was even done with the rounds and sagging under it’s own weight.  I would absolutely do it again but with a 3 yarn and probably a 3.25 hook.


The Gentleman’s scarf  https://youtu.be/jAeBk3wriGI

Cute pattern, but if you use a 4 yarn and the 6 hook recommended, and the initial chain suggested, it will be 10 feet long and like 3 feet wide.  I might do it again with a 4 yarn but reduce the initial chain severely and only repeat the pattern twice.


Boho Romantic Fall Granny Coat https://youtu.be/U6PwfShifu8

One of my very very favorite patterns, but dear god Red Heart Unforgettable can die in a fire.  It’s practically roving and although it’s listed as a 4 it feels like a 2 and sometimes ends up with little fluffy parts around a 4 but it’s mostly super thin.  It’s thinner than Caron Simply Soft but nowhere near as sturdy.  If I did this again, which I’m in the middle of, I’d use all Caron Simply Soft or maybe Lion Brand Landscapes.  I actually had a few skeins of Unforgettable I’m hoping to give away in another Reddit Gifts Secret Santa rematcher because fuck using that crap again. I’d also maybe just DC instead of the front post DC everywhere because let’s be honest, all FPDC takes forever and then it curls in.  That isn’t a big deal because it makes the yarn ‘fabric’ feel thicker than it is and if you attach it to itself for the sleeve or the sides, it works out ok.  But if the inner border is just a DC, it doesn’t match that part nor does it match the thickness or your squares.  Something to think about.

In this specific example, you have the Unforgettable in a flat stitch, against a slightly thicker Caron in a thick stitch.  Not the best idea. Yarns really should match throughout the project.