It’s not that hard

I like looking up patterns on youtube and if I like it, giving myself written steps.  It’s just kind of amazing how many people can’t put simple things together though.


“How do I make this smaller?” Well unless it’s significantly smaller like adult to toddler, use a smaller hook and or thinner yarn.

“I can’t find that exact yarn you used where I live”.  Holy shit just find out the size and type and find something similar.  A specific fingering gradient yarn? Look for ANOTHER fingering gradient yarn!

“How do I make it longer (blanket)”  More rounds or a longer initial chain.  Math is hard.

I seriously wrote “math is hard” on a pattern I wrote for myself though. I wanted a smaller neckline on the virus ponchos I’ve been making but I don’t know if I want to be bothered figuring out what initial chain I would need.