Yarn Reviews

I really wish people were honest when they were reviewing yarn.  Most of them aren’t because they are shilling or whatever. Seriously.  I love ombre, multicolor, and colorway yarns, I really do.  I’ve tried several kinds and this is what I’ve noticed.


Red Heard Unforgettable.  BEAUTIFUL.  Absolutely stunning.  However, super thin to the point of lace weight but marked as a 4, fragile (literally can pull it apart) and super light.  Will never, ever buy it again.

Sweet Roll:  Random color changes like Caron Cakes but variable width sometimes very skinny.  Wouldn’t buy again.

Caron Cakes, Caron Big Cakes, Caron Cotton Cakes, Caron Tea Cakes: I LOVE THEM ALL.  Soft, sturdy, beautiful colors, true to size.  I’d fill my entire room with Caron Cakes if I could.

Red Heart Ombre:  Very very pretty.  True to size.  Sturdy, love it.  Absolutely want more.

Lion Brand Mandala:  Light, true to size, sturdy, beautiful.  I want more!

Caron multicolors: depends on shade, the grey camo was beautiful, the ‘rose garden’ depending on pattern, looks like Fruit Loops.  It’s still soft, sturdy, no variation in the sizes, etc. I really like Caron in general.