Finished Landscapes


I finished the Caron Cotton Cakes Rose Whisper color off making a colorblock scarf, and then I tried making a solid broomstick lace scarf in the Lion Brand Landscapes.  Wow, seriously.  It’s just as pretty as the Red Heart Unforgettable, it’s fuzzy just like the Unforgettable, but it’s ACTUALLY A 4. The Red Heart often looked like a 4 but if you applied any tension at all to it, it thinned down to a laceweight (1) and didn’t hold a stitch very well.  By that I mean you’d do a double crochet, for example, and while you have tension on it, it’s fine.  But once you move to the next stitch it would ‘relax’ and loosen up.  I am pretty sure that is why my mom had a hole in her coat.  That or the yarn just pulled apart, because that happens too.


But so far, I am loving the Landscapes.  It is holding the broomstick lace pattern very nicely on top of all of that.