Coda’s Fur

It’s finally happening!  I’ve been saving Coda’s under-coat for around 2 years at this point, and I found someone local who will spin it into yarn.  Now finding someone wasn’t that difficult, but some people like to mix wool with it, or were overly fussy about picking out guard hairs. I think one person literally charged a several dollars an hour to pick through the fur to get those bits out.

The person who now has Coda’s fur just spins the fur with what looks like very little fur drama.  I am rather regretting not saving absolutely everything I had combed out, at times I just threw it away or left it in the yard for the birds, but I still had nearly a pound.  I’ll post pictures when I get it back!

Apparently it’s called ‘chiengora’ where chien is French for dog. And ‘gora’ is like angora, the really soft rabbit.