Etsy and Amazon Handmade

I’ve had two sales on Etsy so far but it’s been over 3 months and  both sales could have happened without doing work on Etsy at all.  One was my mom, after all.  I’ve made updates to my listings, pictures, descriptions etc but I have next to no views.  I guess you are expected to buy into their ads and constantly play with the SEO (search engine optimization) to actually show up in searches at all too.

It’s kind of curious because I’ve had more than one person tell me my prices are reasonable and even say they were going to buy something, but they haven’t.  I’m over 30 items now too but that bar seems to move a lot.  Some people say over 20 is good, some say over 50, etc. My favorite was one saying to take pictures with a real camera, not a phone.  Hell I haven’t had a ‘real camera’ in like 20 years, who does that?  Phone pictures are just fine anyway.

At any rate for Amazon you have to tell them what tools you use, take a picture of where you work, show them your items, and so on.  It’s like applying for a job, but I did get approved the very next day.  They take a bigger bite at 15% when  you get a sale, as opposed to Etsy taking 20 cents per listing and then 5% if it sells. I’m going to give it a shot, anyway, can’t get any worse than my luck at Etsy so far.