Copy Cats

I’ve been noticing when certain yarns come out, all the other manufacturers bring out something similar.  I’m really not clear on when who did what but some I just like better than others.


For instance, Red Heart’s Unforgettable yarn is STUNNING to look at.  Strong jewel tones, a little shiny, soft.  Only, I will not use it ever again because although it’s marked as a 4, it feels like a 3 and at times down to a 1, it’s practically if not flat out roving (not twisted at all!) .  It’s hard to frog because it catches on itself and it’s delicate and quite literally pulls apart.  I made my mom a coat making granny squares and one already came apart. Now, in the case of the coat, that was because the pattern called for a heavy stitch, against delicate yarn.  So disappointing.  When used in a scarf or something not attached to anything else, it should be fine.  I wish people accounted for yarn and stitch differences in a project.

Lion Brand Landscapes is very similar in everyway BUT it’s definitely a 4 and doesn’t vary in it’s thickness. I like this yarn a lot.

Now I just saw Facet Stones Yarn by Loops & Threads which pretty much looks like the Lion brand Landscapes but it’s BULKY.  oooooh.  At 10 dollars a pop it’s a bit much but I’m going to keep my eye on that.