Resizing Patterns

There have been very few patterns I’ve used lately that went completed unaltered by me in some way.  Some were complete and utter fails like the granny square sweater (the arm holes were WAY too narrow) or the first mandala vest that was way WAY too long.  Those were a total loss.

In some cases I just had to modify the pattern slightly like making the arm holes smaller per my preference, using a smaller hook, but the No Drama Llama pattern was the first one I more or less rewrote.

See, the original llama while cute, was just TOO BIG, imo.  We’re talking like 15” long, 17” tall, and 7” wide.  I felt like it was far too large for a baby gift, which is essentially what it looks like it should be for.

So, I made some stitch revisions to the original head, neck and the body just fell into place, size-wise.  Modified the legs, ears and tails and I think it came out amazing! It’s now 11” long, 12” tall, and 5” wide

I also made the blanket in the virus blanket stitch because it’s pretty.