Romatic Boho Granny Square Sweater 2 Finished!

I’m on the fence on if I want to keep or sell this.  It takes about 45 dollars of yarn and since I was tracking it on my Raverly account, a solid MONTH to finish. I made changes to the border and sleeves and decide to skip the picot border.  I should have added more squares to the sleeve (1 more) but instead added a border to match the inner border, and at least 3 to the front and back if I wanted it floor length on me, but now that it’s done it’s about to my knees when I’m not wearing shoes which is acceptable.  But man, it takes forever!


In my shop now!




It’s just like creating fabric yourself, plus creating around 50 squares, sewing them together, sewing the coat together and sewing in all the tails.  This may be a ‘once a year’ project!