Pink One

SOLD on Etsy.

Finished another pink one! I shortened the body by 2 fur rows and I am happy with the result.  Last time I finished one my oldest son had commented that the body seemed a bit long and I agreed.  I want it to look more baby-like or ‘chibi’ really.  It is geared towards babies as it is.


Funny pattern though, I’m ok all the way through the body but once I do a single leg I am so mad at this thing.  Something about making four legs makes me wish I had never started, then I finish up and go ‘oh it’s so cute, Imma do another’.


Besides that I’ve had a very crafty weekend.  Besides crocheting, I also sew, a little bit.  I was going to make one of my kids a no-sew blanket, but I bought 4 yards of fleece and that would have been the size of a twin sized blanket.  No-sew implies less work but, cutting out strips all the way around and then tying or braiding them takes AGES.  I decided to YES SEW it.