The pink one took off!

I’ve made several llamas as of today, but 4 with my revised pattern.  I posted the white and beige one on reddit and, they didn’t get very much attention.  But damn, the pink one TOOK OFF!  I hit 1# on /r/rcrochet the day I posted it and ended up with over 1,800 upvotes! I couldn’t believe it! I made the pink one because I had yarn I bought some time ago for a coat I was never going to finish and thought at a minimum people would find it outlandish.  Instead, it sold nearly the same day I posted it thanks to that thread, by someone commenting in that thread that if I had an Etsy show, they would buy it!  And they did!

So amazing, I still can hardly believe it!



I have another pink one nearly finished today and I’m done with the head and neck of the ones I’m making for my youngest son, using Coda’s fur.