ALL the Alpacas

Well, I decided to call this pattern alpaca since they are just cuter than llamas.  Llama IS more fun to say though, I think.  Here are the 4 I made not including the other pink one that sold.



And specifically the new minty one!



In my shop!


I am happy with the head reduction I did for the mint one, but I am going to further reduce the barrel body in roundness but add all but one of the fur rows back.  I like how it came out but the body is a touch too compact and it doesn’t balance the head as I would like.  I took the body stitch count from 60 down to 50 and now down to 45 on the one I’m making my youngest son.


Which, by the way, it coming along nicely.  I made a cheingora cake of samoyed fur today and using that for the alpaca.