How Long?

Alright so I decided to make a powder blue alpaca after I said I wouldn’t make any more for a while.  As much as I’ve revised the pattern I decided to rename it “Best in Show Alpaca”.  I got to watching alpaca and llama videos and alpacas are just cuter.  At this point it’s a new pattern.  I scaled down the face, the head, the ears, the neck, the chest and therefore the body, and revised the legs.  I’ve also never done the original blanket because I took one look at that and said yeah nope.  So far I’ve made a simple granny square blanket, a virus blanket, and one of my own creation using front and back posts.  Oh, and different yarn, I am loving Caron Simply Soft for this!

All that being said, someone had asked me how long these take.  If I work on it every day, it takes a little over a week.  I never realized how much time it tasks until I literally timed making a leg.  Making 1 leg, stuffing it, sewing in the ends,  and sewing it to the body clocked in at an hour.  Just 1 leg.  Times 4 obviously, 4 hours to do just the legs.  I haven’t timed the head and the rest but I’d guess the body takes close to 6 hours.

Ooh! I also put together a cocoon cardigan but in a virus pattern.  I think it came out really well! I want to try another version where there are arm holes and sleeves but I will likely do that on xmas break. Someone has tn actual pattern for that but, I’ve made circular vests before, arm holes aren’t hard.


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