How it’s Made

I’ve been asked how long the alpaca or the sheep/lamb takes.  It’s really hard to guess without timing myself but I think around 12 hours.  Here’s a rough go at the steps.


2 skeins of yarn for 1 color toy, 3 for 2 colors.

Yarn needle



Knitting needle

Safety eyes

2 hooks


4 legs, including sewing in ends, stuffing, and sewing on, take 1 hour each.  So 4 hours total.

Making the head, including placing safety eyes, sewing nose/mouth, sewing in ends, and stuffing,  at least 2 hours.

Creating neck, 1 hour.

Making ears and tail, 1 hour.

Making chest 1 hour

Sewing head and neck to chest, 10 mins.

Finishing body, not even sure.  It takes me a few days and hours and hours.


Then if I made a halter, and blanket, that’s another hour or so, or if I make something fancy like the sheeps flower wreath, that’s easy another few hours. So  yep, it takes a significant amount of doing!