Troubleshooting Patterns

It’s been somewhat rare I keep a pattern exactly as I find it, either revising quite a bit or just a little.  Here are a few I made tweaks to and why.

Basic grannie square cocoon cardigan:  I learned this originally from Yarntopia .  It drives me bananas to crochet with a hook larger than the yarn, but it really does make it drape better.  However, the double crochet border in my opinion, felt too light.

The other one was from Annoo Crochet Designs where I picked up the front post/back post ribbed effect on the sleeves.  She did a front post crochet all around the border, which looks good if you sew it together like for a sleeve of the sides of the coat, but if you do it by itself, it curls up because it’s literally stair steps of crochet on top of each other.  I didn’t care for that so I did the front and back post to even if out even on the border.  I really need to use a bigger hook though, I just ughghghg.

Romantic Boho Sweater Coat: Another one from Annoo which is very, very pretty.   I just learned to really dislike how delicate Red Heart Unforgettable is and felt it did not pair well at all with the thick front post crochet layers for the arms and sides, and felt the double crochet inner border didn’t match the rest of the coat.  I substituted Lion Brand Landscapes for the Unforgettable, and used double skein Caron Simply Soft for the inner border.  But, if I ever make it again, I will probably just use a worsted weight yarn instead of the Caron, and the Landscapes.  That way both types of yarn will be on par with each other.  I actually started to make a third but then said NOPE and I’m going to make a bag.  Whenever I get around to it.