Knit Llama


It look like Red Heart came out with another No Drama Llama only in knit this time.  It’s cute, definitely.   The only unfortunate thing is, it’s clearly unbalanced in the head and body because it includes directions to weight down the body (a problem I was running into before I scaled down my patterns head and lengthened the body again) using a bag of rice, and the head and neck is too big so it requires support of a dowel.  Tsk tsk. The head is like 90% of the body size, so, yeah. The legs appear to be useless decoration and do not hold the llama up nor balance it, and you are still covering at least 50% of your cool loopies with a blanket. They also removed the leg loopies and put stripes of color instead.

Like I said, super cute.  It’s a style choice I’m sure. I was also considering doing the ‘loopies’ on mine but the chains makes it look fuller.