FINALLY finished the grey pony


This was my first attempt and there are a few things “wrong” with it.  I made one of the legs way WAY too long and I couldn’t unravel it since I had sewn it on already.  So I just CUT it and sewed a new bottom on.  I also did not insert the head INTO the neck and sew it like it was directed to so I fixed that by stitching the neck closer to the jaw area.  It looks a bit more like a mule but hey, I finished the wings at least!

I am still not clear on what’s wrong with the neck instructions though.  I have made 3 of these and each one the neck was basically backwards, I think?  I’ve done two more after the original and each time, even following VERY VERY CAREFULLY, the next ends up backwards.  I’ve just been winging it anyway because I make different ears and no nostrils anyway. I feel like I may have to rewrite the neck for myself.