On a roll with ponies!

I switched back to using Caron Simply Soft for the ponies and I like how it turns out better than the other yarn I was using.  It’s hard on my hands though because although Caron is lovely for amigurimi it’s hard on the hands since you have to hold it tight for every stitch and in the case of the Simple Soft, tight to not get any splits.  But I finished up a pink ‘land’ pony and another pegasus!



I did finally figure out the neck stitch as well.  I know it had it in the tips section but I wasn’t quite understanding that during the back and forth, you don’t crochet into the chain 1 nor the side of any stitches.  Yes, it totally said it in the notes but when you are dropping down like three rows it had been a little confusing.  Now it makes sense.  Skip the jump ENTIRELY and go to the next level and most of the time it works out fine.  Occasionally no matter how well I count I end up being a bit off but I just eyeball it and fix it right up.


I can’t quite decide what ‘hair’ I like best though.  I used the pink Caron for the yellow pony, and some old Loops and Threads print for the pink one.  I used Landscapes for the black pony which is pretty but came out with rather thick curls.  The Caron Cakes is currently my favorite, but the stupid Unforgettable came out pretty nice too.  It gave skinny curls like in the pattern photo but it suffers from that stupid yarns problem of looking fuzzy and being stupid delicate to work with.  I’d like to know what the author used in her photos.  I have a feeling it’s just another color of Unforgettable but if it’s something else not quite as dumb I’d totally try it.