Finished another lamb!

Basically identical to the first but used Yarn Bee instead of Caron Simply Soft and the leftover giant skein of yarn in the white by Loops and Threads.



I like how it came out but I had some observations between the different yarns.

The Yarn Bee yarn is softer than the Caron  but it doesn’t hold a stitch as well.  It has more of a stretch like a non-worsted or roving yarn.  I would prefer to use Caron on the legs, face and ears.

I prefer the look of the Caron or Yarn bee for the fleece because the sheen is so pretty, BUT it’s seriously a pain to do so many stitches with either.  Caron likes to split if you don’t keep a strong tension constantly and the Yarn Bee is SO slippery it would be infuriating for the same reason.

So my preferred setup these days is Caron for the legs, face, and ears, and any worsted yarn for the fleece. I think I’ll use my Yarn bee for some more light ponchos or hats.