It’s Fall ya’ll! Finished Waffle Stitch Fringed Poncho!

With the fringe and the border, I feel this falls solidly in “small” size. I’m 5’3” and the sides come down to my elbows and the points are around my hip area.  I like how it came out quite a bit, now I just need lots of fall color yarn to make some more.  I used Plymouth Encore yarn my mom had given me, which are only 200yd skeins, and it took 2 for each 30×15 panel and another for the border and fringe.  So roughly 5 total. I would have purchased 6 to be safe. Fortunately I had 10 so I was able to dip into the 6th for a few of the fringe.  Skeins are never 200 perfectly as it is.