Scrap Yarn Unicorn Party!


So I’m using up little bits and pieces of yarn, well, in some cases quite a bit but not enough to actually make a big anything, and making these adorable unicorns.  It’s the Unicorn Bel pattern from Unicorns, Dragons, and more Fantasy Amigurumi I bought.  I did make a little change on the purple one though and did some back loop only sc’s around the top of the hoove to make it more flat. I think it gives it a nicer finish.

That being said, it’s interesting how the sizes came out.  The black and pink one was leftovers of the Caron Endless yarn, which was not quite as heavy at the Caron One Point, which the purple one was made out of.  So they came out a touch smaller than the purple one which clearly had thicker yarn.  I also dropped looping yarn behind the eyes as the pattern suggested.  It pulled in the eyes a bit on the pink one but in the example photos, the eyes seem flat on the stitches so I just didn’t do that any more.  I will likely make a few more of these before I get tired of it.  They are super cute though!