I’ve been a little bored of all my existing patterns and was scanning for something different.  I found Morale Fiber and omg, all the ‘boho’ style things!  I purchased the Crochet PATTERN: Freewheelin’ Poncho mostly because I wanted to see how the neckline was done.  I think I may have been able to figure it out and it’s probably done using decreases but I figured I would spare myself trial and error and just get it.

I am also tempted to get the Crochet PATTERN: Boho Fringe Poncho.  I looked up how to do that stitch so I think I could do it on my own, but what is holding me off either way is how practical it might be.  It reminds me of the Selfish Seamstress’s Kate Spade Faux Fur pullover that was cool looking but has quarter length sleeves with a wide open funnel neck.  As a winter garment.  I agree with the author on how it was a dumb thing but I almost must have it anyway.  But really, an almost off-the shoulder  elbow length wrap, would I really wear that all day? Probably not.

I also have a very cool mandala sweater pattern but there are a few on there I maaaay just want to make.  Would be cute for spring I think.

I’m running low on yarn if you can believe it as well.  I’m down to a small 3 shelf plastic drawer thing and one shelf of the random white skeins my sister got me for a while back.  Despite having a lot of yarn, it doesn’t mean you can make anything unless you have enough of a particular color so anything I make at the moment has to be small.  And probably white.  I really don’t like a lot of white.

That being said I did pick up 3 skeins of Caron One Pound in Lace.  I plan on using it for at least 2 of the Freewheelin’ ponchos.