Not related to crochet buuuuut

So I’ve been selling clothing I don’t need any more on Poshmark, and a few things sold like the Ariat boots, and some intimate wear but not really any of the clothing. I sold kids costumers, a jersey but that was about it.

I decided to try selling on Thredup and without getting more into it, I would never do it again.  That’s the TLDR version.

I sent 2 Lands End dresses, one was quite literally worn once (to a wedding), another maybe once or twice.  They listed the first dress as ‘like new’ but claimed the second one ‘This item is gently used with minor signs of wear (minor fading).’.  There was no signs of wear and certainly no fading.

I also sent a dress from Target, again wore literally once, and they claimed “This item is gently used with minor signs of wear (minor snag).”  It was perfect, but whatever.

They accurately listed an American Eagle dress as faded because it was, but listed a coat from Macy’s as ‘like new’ when it had a visible stain.  I have pictures of all of this because it had been on Poshmark.

I also sent a like-new kids coat, very good condition NHL sweatshirts, and some kids t shirts, and a Coach purse.  They claimed they would accept none of that so I got nothing. They have items exactly like what I sent on their site too so I have no idea why they would say they wouldn’t take it.

Then of course how much they take of the sale. They sell something for let’s say, 20 dollars, and you get between 1 and 3 bucks.  Seriously.  Next time I’ll just keep trying on Poshmark or ebay, or just take it right to Goodwill.


Even if I’m just being extra picky, it’s not worth it to sell for 3 dollars or less.