Scrap Yarn Makes me Creative

So as I’ve mentioned I like making the twisted witch hat with bulky to super bulky yarn.  After I used all the Green Tea and Ginger Spice, the only bulky I had left was some cream white with cool threads of brown and tan twisted through it, a little bit of the black, a bit of the grey from the last of the Ginger Spice, and several yards of Green Tea left.

I put together this hat with it and honestly I love it!  I think I will keep this as mine and sell the last Ginger Spice hat.


Black Rose Twisted Witch Hat

I used the last of the bulky black for the brim edge, the last of the Ginger spice for the brim, the white for the rest of the hat, and the last of the Green tea for the vine and leaves.  The black roses were done using Caron Simply Soft in Black, that I had laying around from who knows what.  And it’s minor but for the vine I started with the brighter green which changes upwards to a more dark green, I like to think it’s like it’s evil and dying as it goes up.

Anyway the Twisted Witch hat pattern can be found here and I highly recommend it.  The child size in bulky or super bulky yarn seems to be ideal for most heads but I think it’s easier enough to chain around your head and just stop increasing at that point but continue to follow the pattern.

The roses I found on youtube here on She’s Crafty’s channel.

The vine is just a chain with a basic leaf pattern you can find anywhere.  It’s just a chain 7, then down one side, sc, hdc, dc dc, hdc, sc, then the same thing around the other side.