First Thing in a While

I haven’t been crocheting for a bit now.  Two reasons, the biggest being I’m just out of yarn.  I mean I have some odds and ends like 1 skein or half a skein but as we all know, you can’t do a lot with that.  The other reason is, I don’t have anything I want to make.

That being said, I did finish another cocoon crocodile stitch project though.  I frogged a small virus blanket I was making with the Wishing Well Lion brand Mandala yarn and I made it into this instead.  I love this stitch, super cool.


The mandala looks good to a certain point but once your rounds get too big, it starts to look bad because the stripes of color don’t match up.  For example you might have the darker beige for two entire full rounds of virus loops, 1 entire round of light beige, but then only 90% of the white round completed in that color and only 50% of a round in the light blue.  As you continue on you end up using 1 entire color for just a single row and you get way too much striping.  If it’s a subtle fade like dark dark green to light light green, that’s fine.  But not when it’s a soft fade to 3 entirely separate colors.



Here is the finished version! In my shop now!