Lotus Flower… thingy?


Someone on reddit did a flower like this and I followed the youtube videos and I like it a lot.  It came out REALLY nice.  I’m not sure what to call it though, the video name was really bland for such a pretty pattern.  I’m also not sure what to do with it.  On reddit they said just leave it like this but what good would that be? It’s not a blanket, hat, or other wearable.  This was with Lion Brand Mandala Baby Mermaid, and I really, really like the colors.  I ended up doing a freehand row of green since that was next in line on the skein.  If this had been a 4 yarn I would continue as a blanket.  But, I am REALLY tempted to get a 4 yarn in these colors and make this again as a throw.  The problem is the later rows don’t expand enough to make the petals lay flat.  They kind of perk up a bit which is ok but you’ll see starting with the blue row in particular, you aren’t increasing the petals, it’s just offsetting it.  So you’d need a row here and there like the crocodile stitch mermaid tail to increase it out.  Now that I get the overall pattern I could totally do that.





I wouldn’t literally make an entire blanket like this, I would do about this same amount of rows in a 4 or 5 yarn and then square it off in a solid color like green with a somewhat simple stitch.