Caron One Pound Vs Lion Brand Pound of Love

Michaels has been really low on one of my favorite yarns, Caron One Pound, so i tried Lion Brand Pound of Love. One Pound is 812 yards, Pound of Love is 1020 yards.

Pound of Love is a 4 but thinner than Caron One Pound.  It’s more splitty too.  In fact, Pound of Love in my opinion is like Caron Simply Soft without the sheen. I got a lovely shade of green and tried to hold it double-skein to make a witch hat but, it was too thin for that.  It was just as much as the One Pound but I had a coupon to make it about 5 bucks.  Not sure I would use it again though, I’m sure the reason the yardage is about 200 more is because it’s just so thin.

I think I may try more Red Heart Super Saver because they have a lot of colors and it worked so well with the pumpkin witch hat.