Witch of the South Seas!

Lately all I’ve been really doing is making witch hats.  Halloween is over yes but some people are witches all the time.  I love it personally.  A random witch hat will be my ‘wear a hat’ headwear of choice on Twitch too.

Speaking of, I tried out some minor tweaks on the pattern that I felt make not a lot of sense and it turned out fine.  The hat pattern itself has color changes which, in my opinion and observation of the pattern, are pulled into the hat by back posting a chain 3 on the row that makes the ridge, then doing a second bpdc to form the first actual stitch.

Only, some rows have this when there is NO color change, and some rows do NOT do this when there is no color change. It made no sense to me.  Since I only change color at the brim, and or at the edging, I decided to just ignore the double bpdc and you know what? It comes out just fine.  In fact, better than fine because it’s much easier to count the rows when you don’t have this weird double in the first stitch thing going on.

Also, if I DO a color change in the middle of the hat, I don’t do it in the ridge row.  I don’t like the color peeping through at the top.  I do the bpdc row, then switch colors.

Anywho, I had wanted to do a hat like this for a while, so here is my ‘beach wave’ witch hat!  Or Witch of the South Seas!